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The Djinn Entrapment (Embracing Flames)

Melody Thompson stands by helplessly as her mom is killed by a Jinni only she can see. She hides herself away, keeping her strange abilities a secret. Years later when her friends invite her to New York City to celebrate their high school graduation, she leaps at the opportunity to feel like a normal 18-year old girl.

But everything changes when a handsome stranger crosses her path, with knowledge of her powers and her family’s secrets. And there’s a catch: he wants Melody to aid him in saving the creatures she has feared her entire life—the Djinn.

Fall into the mesmerizing realm of the Djinn and follow Melody’s journey as she is confronted with an extraordinary task—to Entrap a Jinni and harness its otherworldly powers as her own.

As her past unravels and unexpected romance blossoms, Melody must summon the strength to control her destiny. Will she overcome the forces that seek to destroy her? Or will she be consumed by her seductive new powers?

Embark on an extraordinary adventure of magic, mystery, and romance as Melody's journey unfolds. Will she harness her powers and shape her destiny, or will the darkness within consume her? Get your copy and discover the answers in this spellbinding young adult fantasy today!

Book Reviews

Leigh Mascolino's The Djinn Entrapment offers a thrilling exploration into a unique realm of hidden creatures and uncharted dimensions. The novel is a masterfully crafted piece, maintaining a smooth narrative pace and offering an engaging reading experience. Each character is meticulously fleshed out, assuming a significant role in Melody's life, particularly as she comes to grips with an inescapable reality - she must face the Djinn. This engaging read appeals to a broad spectrum of readers who relish sci-fi/adventure narratives with fantasy undertones. The dialogue is dynamic, authentic, and imbued with youthful energy, offering the reader a glimpse into the challenges of teenage life juxtaposed against Melody's extraordinary journey to battle the Djinn. The Djinn Entrapment is an enthralling page-turner that masterfully amalgamates elements of fantasy and adventure, drama, and a sprinkling of romance to weave a captivating narrative. I eagerly anticipate delving into more of Mascolino's imaginative realm in her future works."

Literary Titan

The Djinn Entrapment by Leigh Eskin Mascolino is a spellbinding coming-of-age story of a young girl named Melody. Spell-binding, gripping, and gloriously exciting, the novel is a true reflection of the young adult genre. With engaging elements of adventure, coming-of-age, and young love, the story will appeal to the target audience. A smooth pace keeps the reader immersed in the narrative. The characters have the depth and complexity of real-life people. The dialogue between the characters is engaging and authentic. Melody and her friends charmingly portray youthful zeal in their conversations and actions and, at the same time, the comfort of friendship. Romantic love, although unexpected, adds to the plot. Well formatted and structured, the book offers a seamless reading experience. The Djinn Entrapment by Leigh Eskin Mascolino is an excellent treat for fans of fantasy, romance, YA, and adventure

Reader's Favorite

A fast-paced magical action romance about courage, growth, and friendship. Melody is an average teenager with a magical secret. After a personal tragedy, she is thrust into another world that she is depended on to save. Throughout the process, Melody falls in love with someone she never expected to in a charming story. Unlike many heroines of magical destiny, Melody is not alone; she is also able to consistently rely on the support of her friends and family to help her. She shows incredible courage and a beautiful heart as she fights for what is right. Along the way, she faces a variety of struggles, emotional and otherwise, but is able to rely on her powerful inner strength to overcome them. It was hard to put the book down and take a pause from Melody’s story as reading it leaves you breathless and wondering what’s going to happen next. While at times it really feels like she got in over her head, the author resolves the conflicts in a way that is both believable and satisfying. The world of the djinn is magical and enchanting and it is hard not to imagine wishing yourself into the character’s shoes (when she’s not in danger!) to experience it.

Stephanie R.

Leigh Mascolino's "The Djinn Entrapment" skillfully merges supernatural beings and young adult angst into an utterly captivating adventure. This fast-paced story leads you on an exhilarating journey following Melody, a seemingly ordinary teenager with an extraordinary secret. Doing her best to avoid the notice of "the others," she is suddenly plunged into their world. finding out that she is destined to save these mythical beings called Djinn. Her brave heart and the support of her friends and family become her strength against formidable odds. The compelling storyline and vivid characters will keep you at the edge of your seat, wondering what lies around the corner. The realm of Djinn that Mascolino has created, is enchanting--enticing readers to imagine themseles in Melody's magical shoes. The effortless blend of suspense, romance, and adventure makes it a must-read, especially for fans of mystical romantic mysteries. "The Djinn Entrapment" is an enchanting page-turner that will leave you eagerly awaiting more.

Vision Quest

A gripping tale filled with deep characters, imaginative twists and turns, and intriguing, mysterious magic; it's hard to believe this is the author's first book - it reads like a book from a seasoned author. I don't read many books, but I ended up reading this in one sitting, cover to cover. I needed to know where the story led; how it came together. I was invested in Melody's story from the prologue until the last page. The writing is easy to follow and it keeps you wondering how it will resolve until the very end. I hope there will be more books to explore this world. Thank you for sharing this fantastic story!

Matt B.

"Entrapment" is a captivating young adult fantasy novel that will sweep you away on an enchanting journey with action, adventure, magic, and romance. Written by Leigh Eskin Mascolino, an exciting new talent, this book tells a story about Melody and how her life forever changed when she encountered a powerful Djinn. This book is an absolute page-turner that had me hooked from the very first chapter. It's got a very original storyline that is not like the other YA novels I've read recently. A wonderful blend of magical adventure and a heartfelt romance between Melody and the Djinn, I found myself completely immersed in their world, feeling their happiness and their pain. Once you pick up this book it'll be hard to put back down! Leigh's skillful storytelling and richly imagined world will transport you to a realm where wishes come true and danger lurks around every corner. Trust me, once you start reading, you won't want to stop until the very last word!

Keni X.

"This was a fun and interesting read. Once I got into it, like any great book, I couldn't put it down! There were lots of twists and turns, lots of layers to the plot, and good character development. By the end, I couldn't help but want to know when the sequel is coming out! I absolutely want to know what happens next and continue on this journey with these characters I've grown so fond of. If you like fantasy, you will enjoy this read!"

Chelsea D.

If you liked the Twilight series, try this new book. Melody, the main character, has powers she does not understand, so she keeps them a secret. The story begins when her mother is killed by an out-of-control driver possessed and controlled by a Genie. Little does she know that her powers can be sensed by these Genies who view her as a threat and want to control her.

Robert E.

As an avid fan of many young adult novels that encompass fantasy, romance, and a quick-moving plotline, this brand new novel by Leigh Eskin Mascolino did not disappoint!! If you are someone who enjoys fiction such as Twilight or the Graceling series, this book is right up your alley. I loved how the main character, Melody, was so relatable. I often found myself agreeing with her, and relating to her personality quirks.

Audrey B.

Leigh Eskin Mascolino is a first-time author and a mom of two little girls.

She lives in Columbus, OH with her wonderful husband and family. The Djinn Entrapment began as an idea 20 years ago, and Leigh decided it was time in 2022 (before the birth of her second daughter) to finally finish and publish it.

She works as the Director of Career Connection at Ohio Wesleyan University and enjoys mentoring, supervising, and coaching others to reach their full potential. She also has a coaching practice helping women gain confidence and clarity in their career pursuits.

When Leigh is not working or writing, she loves being active, traveling, skiing, and spending quality time with her family and friends.

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Leigh Mascolino

Leigh Eskin Mascolino is a first-time author and a mom of two little girls. Her latest book is “The Djinn Entrapment”

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